The Key Players - Personnel

Dr Ewa Dabrowska belongs to a rare group of medical doctors who uses detoxification and partial or full fasting as a healing method. An old healing method was extensively used in a clinical set up, by a Swiss doctor. Dr Ewa Dabrowska introduced some modifications to his method, having developed the purifying vegetable and fruit diet backed by 12 years of her own research, and the effectiveness improved. Her studies show that cleansing and fasting are natural and safe methods which affect the body on a deeper level, eliminating symptoms of ill health like pains and aches, excess weight, and help with regulating blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Dr Dabrowska writes, lectures internationally, and has done many radio & television programmes.

Dr Ewa Dabrowska
Alicja Drewnowska

The second key person in our programme is Alicja Drewnowska. She trained as a food technologist and later studied clinical Psychology at Warsaw University. Since living in England she trained and practices as a Psychotherapist with a particular interest in Body Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic health. Alicjas role in the Health Centre is that of co-ordinator for the English speaking group. She will help with any arrangements that are necessary through to acting as an interpreter in any situation. She has a very good knowledge of the local area and can help people decide where to go and possibly what to buy.